I was sitting with a good friend this morning over coffee and in conversation she said, “Humans are so weird, and I include myself in the mix. We’re just weird.” Something many of us, including myself, have said from time to time.

I found this statement to profound and wanted to share with you my two-sided coin perspective. In truth, we are all very much unique in our individual perspectives, upbringing and our life trajectory. But I’ll bet most of you have had the experience, albeit it rare with a side of few and far between, were you connect in a uncanny way with another person. You share similar thoughts, upbringing and enjoy the same activities and life path. These two examples, show both contrast and similarity and so it is in third dimension – we exist in duality or polarity.

But why? Have you ever contemplated the real reason why we are intentional incarnating into this particular experience lifetime after lifetime? Of the infinite places within the Universe and multitude of dimensional choices, why are we drawn to this experience? I truly believe our purpose is to create experience and without contrast and similarity (just different expressions of energy) there would be no experience.

Perfectly enough, in the same conversation, my friend said, “Some times I wish I had a magic wand and could make it all better.” The conversation that ensued thereafter was beautiful. Our reality, the very here and now we call the “present” services as a beautiful reminder of our purpose and responsibility to create said experience. And thus, as weird as you may think you are, as out there on a limb you may feel, you are perfectly beautiful in this very moment! Can you breathe that in for a moment?

So you’re unique yet similarly as weird as everyone else! The point is we are are connected as One at higher dimensions. One of the main purposes for this series of experiences we call life is to pull down the reality of the higher dimension Oneness or elevate ourselves to an expanded version of consciousness, depending on which way you look at it.

As members of the light-worker and new age community we need to own our experiences. The amount of effort and energy we waste thinking about what everyone may think of us is not of service nor a valuable use of another dimensional reality, time. Living into our life purpose is of extraordinary value and through our work, from the inside out, we invite everyone around us to engage in their own life purpose.

And guess what, you actually have a magic wand – it’s called free will. You can create the reality you wish. It starts with changing your mind, followed by establishing your intention and is carried across the finish line with action. I won’t lie – it isn’t easy. Some times it is far less than fun, but the feeling of accomplishment is well worth the investment!

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