As many of you, I often imagine a different world. No war. No strife. No lack. Where abundance, love, peace, truth and wisdom roam freely. This imaginations process is always full of beautiful time and tranquility, and then, …..reality resumes.

I’m a strong proponent of future thinking and using our imaginations to the fullest extent possible. They shape the boxes we live in. Yes, let’s face it – we all have our limitations. I find for myself, as I am presented with the reality of said boundaries of limitation, I often shift the focus of responsibility to an external source. It is a form of protection which provides a necessary escape from the truth. Ouch – but I, and perhaps you, needed to hear that!

In truth, the only limitation present in our reality are those which we impose for ourselves. No doubt, there are those who have tried to limit you in some way. But in order for these limits to have any effect, you have to agree or believe them to be true. Our psychology, the way be think and perceive the world, shapes it’s very reality.

Some of us have acquired a psychological toolkit through our life experience that is by its very nature limiting. So please take a moment and ask yourself how you are perceiving the flow of energy in your life. I find there are a couple of options.

  • Waiter – You may be waiting for your big break to come to you. You most likely haven’t had the best nor the worst life experience and you kinda want to win the lottery of life so to speak.
  • Victim – You may feel like every one and every thing is out to get you or acting in opposition to you. Life feels like it is happening to you and most of the time not at all like what you want to experience.
  • Creator – You have a certainty that if you set your mind to it, you can do anything! Now of course, you get off track from time to time and make mistakes, but you refine these experiences into your next creative expression called life!

Regardless of how you currently perceive the flow of energy or what you desire for it to be, in truth, we are all the magnificent creators of our own reality. With the acceptance of this truth comes responsibility. We have to recognize the only person we are energetically responsible for is ourselves. In so doing, we are empowered to take good care of self and take action to become the best possible version of ourselves! As you become the best version of yourself, not a copy-cat of someone else, and live congruently, you are serving everyone’s highest good! Remember, the universe is responsive, so you engagement is required to produce the desired results!

And that is the beginning of the different world I have vision of – where we all show up presence as ourselves, without the wasted energy of needing to please or trying to be something we’re not. So be authentically you because the world needs as well as wants the honor and pleasure of knowing YOU!

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  • Rita Hawi says:

    I am a creator, sometimes learning from mistakes, but NOT staying to cry for them and I believe that life is for LIVING!!!
    Nobody can create our future because it is only on me, my responsibility!

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