Written Tuesday, February 3, 2015

From the moment I crawled out of bed, I found myself noticeably moving at a slower pace,… much more introspective.

A feeling with uncanny similarity to that of “unmotivated.”

By the end of my work day, I found myself thinking of every single thing I “should” have been doing all day long—instead of listening to myself and hanging low and welcoming the contemplative and reflective energy.

As my partner arrived home from a busy, yet also a largely unproductive day at school—I was overwhelmed with a strong sense of guilt.

Thinking to myself—“Here you sat all day long with unlimited creative opportunity and potential and yet you did not ‘accomplish’ anything!”

The remainder of the day was more of the same. I went to the bank to deposit cash collected from a sale, and for whatever reason my mind literally went blank,…

BLANK. I couldn’t for the life of me remember my business ATM pin…

Thinking to myself—“Seriously—are you kidding me? What is wrong with you today?!?!! Se-ri-ous-ly!!!”

At least by this point in the day, I was choosing to laugh and not get too flustered.

I called JC and he said, “No problem. Come get me and we’ll use my ATM card and pin…”

A great solution, but even at that… guess what,…

Yep, we deposited the money into the wrong business account!

Yes, your ambitions can be absolutely magical and mixed with your initiative—wow, you can become unstoppable!

But what happens when you’re truly “not feeling it?”

Granted, there is a very fine seemingly indistinguishable line between “unmotivated” and wanting to lay low and be reflective and contemplative.

For me, it brought up the survival context that I think is extremely prevalent for most of us.

“I have HUGE plans for 2015. I’m not going to accomplish them laying low today!”

We all have programs in our consciousness that inform us of what we “should” be doing, what we “could” be doing, and what we “would” have done differently.

Often the voices of these “shouldas”, “couldas” and “wouldas” are not your own, but rather that of someone significant in your life. They also quite often carry pretty hefty expectations of you.

It is your individual responsibility as a highly conscious being on a spiritual journey of unfoldment, to dig deep to the core programming from these “shoulda”, “coulda” and “wouldas” and evaluating them from the lens of your present awareness.

Case in point, I remember some of my internal self talk—“I thought I was ‘passed’ this stuff,…!”

This experience served as a gentle and loving reminder,…

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is very important we acknowledge and live our current truth, and when we are experiencing a sensory response to the unfolding of that very journey that we pay close attention.

In this case, I stopped and decided after making the bank deposit, to stop for a bit of dinner. I utilized the time to recollect my thoughts. Bring myself back to the present moment.

It was only then, that I could have a sigh of relief.

I knew today was a GIANT success.

You may be thinking—“OK, he’s lost it! Sounds like his day was actually a complete dud!”

No, seriously! I avoided a day full of massive frustrations and potential unnecessary “let downs.” I could have been banging my head against the wall all the livelong day ‘trying to get stuff done!’

Instead, I had actually listened to my inner knowing and attuned to my truth. I’ve embodied an intuitive lifestyle—which over time has allowed for increasingly quicker realignment to the Divine Flow.

It is imperative we identify the distinct difference between being “busy” and “productive.”

Productivity for me, yesterday, was laying low and in reflective contemplation gathering my energies. Now, today I can focus and engage in the creative manifestation of my dreams.

Have you ever been running around like a chicken with your head cut off late for some important engagement, and as you finally get on the road you are slowed even more. Irritated, until of course you see the car accident you yourself quite possibly avoided being a part of…

Let us each count our blessings—BIG and small…

And remember to take time to DREAM in equal proportion to your ENGAGEMENT. The combination of the two will lead you to THRIVE in life!

And I’ll leave you with this quote,…

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t
at least try to do something remarkable?”
~ John Green


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