Today’s the Day Everything Changes,…..LITERALLY!!!

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6/6/2015 12:30am—Today is a significant culmination of what was just a dream a few short years ago.

My partner, Jeremy Crumb (aka JC), said his final good-byes at the middle school today. This has been his career for the past three years. But I get ahead of myself,…

See three years ago, I was at the end of my rope. I’d fast tracked myself up the corporate ladder. Meeting and exceeding benchmarks, increasing sales, building an amazing distribution system, cultivating dynamic and thriving team and making plenty of money, BUT…..

I was literally dying inside day after day. I felt absolutely lost! I wasn’t fulfilled and the downhill slope I was on was only gaining momentum…..

Something inside me knew there was MORE! There was no evidence of it in my then reality, but I JUST KNEW.


My heart ached for it. I had many sleepless nights followed by days I half-ass showed up and played the part as the stand in in my own life.

YES, I was the stand in in my own life. I had adopted someone else’s dream for my life. Fueled by societal expectations, compounded by wanting people to like and acknowledge me. That was future set ablaze by the creature comforts of “success.”

It wasn’t until I gave ear to the still small voice deep down within my spirit did I see a glimmer of hope.

I know that is where some of you are today and I want you to know without question, no matter your circumstance or situation YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS!


For me, it boiled down to three keys: 1) Integrity, 2) Authenticity, and 3) Commitment.


First, I had to get honest with myself AND it wasn’t easy. In fact, it got harder before it got easier. See while we might offer platitudes of “honesty is the best policy,” most don’t play the game of life by those rules.

Then I had to get honest in my relationships. I had to express my truth, regardless of the outcome. I had to decide what mattered and what was no longer important. And while it was a cerebral experience initially, the challenge came when I had to take decisive action.

I had to give myself permission to “just bee.” (some will understand the reference)

To those who disengaged and those who were even more steadfast—it would be what it would be. My first commitment was to myself—then and now.


Once I regained my footing as “me,” I had to search my spirit for embers of my dreams. At times, I felt like a little boy standing in front of the doors to middle school on my first day. Awkward. Unsure. Anxious. Hopeful. Filled with opportunity but without the means to tap the potential.

I’ll be honest, for a while I wanted to retreat. Recoil back into the comfortable life I had made. YES, at this point I was learning to take FULL responsibility for ALL of it.

But the more I found ways to cultivate true congruence within myself, the more the embers of my dreams began to glow hotter. They became the road map, unbeknown to me at the time, that led me to eventually leave my corporate career and become a solopreneur.


In the beginning, while JC was very much a part of the business, he had his hands full with the daily task of helping shape the minds of the students within his care.

There were days when I woke up, and wouldn’t even want to open my eyes. I didn’t know what to do next. I felt like I had used up the function of skill set AND I was constantly searching for some secret sauce or silver bullet. There just had to be something “out there.”

But those embers kept calling me forward. Day after day, I was gratefully pulled forward to new depths and heights within myself. As my spiritual journey unfolded, so did my business.

But I wouldn’t have had the successes I had without the coaching and guidance I received from my mentors. To each of them, I remain forever grateful!

>> Fast forward to just a couple months ago, without stealing JC’s thunder and telling his story for him, JC and I came to a very similar crossroads as I’ve just described,…..

Equipped with the consciousness we had accumulated from my transition, this time we were able to say much more quickly to the universe, “HELL YES, AND NOW!”


  • Are you at an intersection in your life, AND you know that your next best step includes launching your own holistic business to create not only the fulfillment but also the freedom you crave?
  • Do you want to intuitively create a signature delivery system you can take to market that accurately reflects BOTH who you are and magnetize your ideal, loyal clients?
  • Do you want the structure and support necessary to move through your internal blocks and create the expansive business that will help you serve joyfully for years to come?
  • Do you want to experience abundance in every aspect of your ENTIRE life including your relationships, career and health?
  • Do you want to be held compassionately accountable to your goals, encouragement to make effective decisions and take consistent action towards achieving your highest and best?

If you answered YES to these questions, we’re launching a program just for YOU!


This six-month exclusive program was designed especially for you—a heart-centered intuitive healer (whether you know yet or not!)—so you can build a thriving holistic business and fully experience and fulfill the wealth of your sacred life purpose.

It’s designed to give you the step-by-step information, inspiration and motivation which mirrors your rich intention and vision. Additionally, you will receive the accountability and coaching you need to break through your internal barriers. So you can create clarity and focus, leverage your time and talent, expand your prosperity consciousness and serve far more deserving spirits then you ever thought possible.

If this speaks to YOU, hit reply and tell us why!

STAY TUNED for more info tomorrow.

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