As we emerge from the Jewish Passover and Christian Holy Week, as well as a handful of events in various other faith traditions, I’m reminded that we are always evolving both collectively and individually.

This year marks a significant turning point for me in re-assimilation of discarded and fragmented pieces of myself. My upbringing included traditional faith-based experiences, that for various reasons I felt it necessary to step away. In my own truth, I had to honor my own unique self-expression as I continued my journey towards Source. I remember distinctly as a young person, with a very black and white perspective of life, vowing that I would never abandon my faith. And so it was, but I can tell you that the unfolding of my spiritual journey provided many opportunities to reaffirm or revise the strict confines of my belief eco-system. Today, I stand open to the continuing unfolding miracle of Spirit. Today, I have an entirely different perspective and vantage point by which to view the cosmos.

I decided this year, through a series of synchronistic events, to answer the call to ministry. From a very young age, I have felt the call and honestly toyed with it throughout my twenty and now nearly half my thirties. Just when I thought I had to permanently close a door, the window flung open. My personal renewed sense of openness combined with this new passage way is creating a formula for deep heart-centered fulfillment and growth. At moments, even now, the fact that I start seminary next week is entirely surreal!

Within each one of us is purpose for our current life experience. When we identify and express this purpose, we will discover the endless reservoirs of the aether and connect to vital force energy like never before. This connection will propel us to create, to love, to express, to truly live, to dig deeper and to soar higher.

In your own life, there are likely events that you thought were finitely done and the seemingly permanent closure aches. The discomfort or pain  serves as a reminder of what we typically perceive as “days gone by.” But what if those pains actually serve as the platform by which you will reach higher and deeper into the universe? Consider for a moment the mythological phoenix – a beautiful bird who rises anew from its very own ashes into refined brilliance again and again. See, without the difficult and painful experiences, the process of refinement is void of the creative tools required to transform.

As for me, I choose to expect the best from the universe and stand steadfast in the truth that the infinite bounty of Source are available in every single moment. From this place, the “present,” I will re-assemble the discarded and fragmented pieces of myself. I’m also empowered to live fully for my own benefit as well as for the highest good of All – we are One. Namaste!

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  • Gina says:

    I relate to this Jeremy. I think it is healthy psychologically to rebel and reject and then there is so much beauty to see things through different eyes after releasing, experiencing life and being open to what feels right. All the best with seminary!

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