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6/7/2015 11:37am—It’s Sunday morning as I sit and write this email to you. Usually, I’m preparing lesson plans for the coming week with my students.

This has been a regular occurrence for the past three years. And today would be no different, but I made a conscious decision with my husband and business partner to step away from my teaching position with the local school board.

Thus begins my journey as a full-time entrepreneur. Honestly, the months leading up to today were filled lots of emotions and feelings—excitement, uneasiness, courage and creativity to name a few.

I have been working part-time with JM knowing that my journey was going to eventually lead to me stepping into our business full-time,…. I just didn’t know when.

For awhile, we had the mentality of waiting for the right moment for me to make the leap because we had many reasons why it was not the right time yet. As time passed the nudges from Spirit became more and more persistent. I would go back and forth,…

“It’s time,” then “No, not quite yet.” An exhausting cycle of rinsing and repeating.

Then, one evening I was rushing to get important items turned in for my teaching certification when Spirit gave me a 2×4 whack to the noggin.

I got sick and had to stay home from work for a couple of days. And on top of it, I received an email detailing at least another dozen hoops I needed to jump through to receive my certificate.

I knew right then it was time.

That is when I felt the safety net drop out, or at least my current perception of the safety net.

Like JM, I knew there was MORE LIFE….. MORE FREEDOM…. MORE JOY….. MORE LOVE!

Here is an opportunity to say yes to yourself and your dreams all while avoiding the painful 2×4 experience. (Ouch!)

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • “I know I’m meant to do something more, but…”
  • “I know I’m a healer, but…”
  • “I know there is a more purposeful way for me to use my energy, but…”
  • “I don’t know how much longer I can do this job, but…”
  • “I think I’m ready and willing to invest in my dreams, but…”


Like you, I’ve felt these AND I also know it takes courage to move forward. I know without a shadow of a doubt you can, but the more important question is,…

Are YOU ready and willing to move forward?

It’s time for you to develop your gifts, share them with others and get paid well for doing it!

Here is one reason we tend to hold ourselves back.

I was even still a bit uncertain as I made the decision to transition from my teaching position to full-time with Spirit Empowerment.

Most entrepreneurs question themselves saying, “OMG, how am I going to do this?”

First and foremost, you now know you’re not alone! Second, the answer to the question is you have a choice. You could let it bring you down, and the world will never see your brilliance. OR, you can choose to believe in yourself. And from this faith, you can launch and keep moving, trying, tweaking and refining as you go.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and share your highs and lows with?

Wouldn’t it also be awesome to have devoted coaches to walk you through the steps necessary to create a blueprint for your dreams?

Here is a video of one of our private clients, Sara. She illustrates the importance of coaching and the ways it clearly moved her forward.


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