“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will
not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ve had enough of the political mud slinging commercials attempting to persuade viewers to form opinions based on highly spun snippets of truth steeped in judgment.

Now mind you, I don’t subscribe to cable television, so my exposure to these advertisement is already gratefully reduced by choice. Nevertheless, these commercials always make me smile when introducing statistics of satisfaction ratings and voting records full well knowing the information is being dissected to prove a one-sided point and ultimately shape the election outcome.

Let us remember at a basic level, these candidates — just like you and I — are humans experiencing themselves and those around them in this journey we call life. We all breathe air. We have needs and wants. We need the sustenance of food and water.

The constant onslaught of these commercials does reveal something about the collective consciousness. Listen, these ads cost ogles of cash and at some level are effective or they won’t continue.

If you’re like me, you may ponder why this is,…

For most, it is far less work to absorb the truths spread over the airwaves, then it is to contemplate and establish their own truth. The simple volume and velocity of information within our momentary grasp is staggering and only continues to increase.

At the end of the day, politicians have a job to do — not an easy one at that.

Consider the discussion of “what’s for dinner” by your family or friends any given night of the week? Consensus is a rare and precious gem you treasure! In a very similar way, we must consider politicians are trying to provide for the masses with a lot of issues and challenges to resolve.

So what can we do as part of the “masses” about the current state of our “collective” consciousness?

Find below three ways you can involve your own senses as truth indicators and allow your intuitive knowing to guide and shape the direction of your life. Because without question, the change you wish to see in the world starts with you!

  • Be mindful of your thoughts – Your thoughts create your reality. What you see in front of you today — in the form of career, home, family and friends, car, etc. — all began as thoughts in your mind. Carefully consider your own stream of consciousness and start steering these creative forces of creation towards the community you want to be a part of.
  • Make time for regular rest and relaxation – It is impossible to run at full on constantly. Our minds, let alone our bodies, must have adequate space to assess and process life experiences. If they don’t get it, they create illnesses and di-sease. Be proactive, and create a nurturing space for yourself.
  • Focus your intention on the best or better – The Law of Attraction produces results based on your intentions. Don’t waste your energy drowning in stinking thinking, rather set your sights on the best or better. Know that the Universe/Source/God is (always has been and always will be) infinitely abundant. We must attune ourselves to this reality and take the action necessary to achieve it.

Each of these actions in your own life is an open invitation to those around you to participate.

Now I recognize that creating mindful awareness of your thoughts, making time for R&R and attuning yourself to intentions of the best or better can seem like a big bite to chew and result in feelings of overwhelm. Find below a special invitation for you to participate in a program that will help you along your journey to creating all three!


Establish Your Marvelous Meditation Practice in 28-DaysEstablish Your Marvelous Meditation Practice in 28-Days

Have you tried to meditate but can’t because:

  • You feel like the experience should be something its not
  • You have incredible monkey-mind — when you close your eyes to meditate you are relentlessly bombarded with thought after thought unable to quiet and focus your mind
  • You start out with a strong commitment and after a while your enthusiasm bottoms out

We totally understand because we’ve been there too! After years of trial and error, we discovered a framework and strategy that will help you unlock a meditation practice that is both uniquely personal as well as highly practical.

Join Jeremy Crumb on Saturday mornings in November to Establish Your Marvelous Meditation Practice in 28-Days. Learning what meditation means for you, how to control your monkey-mind and how to increase your effectiveness and focus for a truly transformational meditation practice.

Each class is recorded and made available along with class materials to participants through the Spirit Empowerment secure online portal.

Course Investment: $49 by November 5th; $69 thereafter

Live TeleClass held Saturday mornings from 10:00am to 11:00am Eastern Time
November 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th
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