As I continue my journey of consciousness, I’m at times utterly shocked at how much more “spiritual” some believe they are compared to “everyone else.”

At your core, YOU ARE SPIRIT. And its no secret, SO IS EVERYONE ELSE! Period. End of story. Case closed. The spiritually “better than” are routed in a reality of lack. To propose better than is an essential misunderstanding we are somehow not all one. Likely a need to be “likely” and viewed as “special;” a want to be “needed” and “appreciated.”

As the title of this blog implies, one of the most important parts of your spiritual journey is practicality. Not only must you actively practice your spirituality in order to unfold higher and deeper levels of consciousness, but this very practice has to make sense in your current reality – life in the 3rd dimension. The spiritual insight and wisdom you experiencing, or perhaps more accurately reminding, are intended to be expressed in your spiritual unfoldment on this human journey. Part of feeling “better than” is a practice referred to as “spiritual escapism” where one is deeply disconnected from self to the point of “wanting to be somewhere else – anywhere but here.” Yes, while the proverbial grass may appear greener on the other side, it will likely feel just the same. Why? Because your energetic state has not changed. The truth is the experience can be unfolded within the human experience through the application of consciousness.

Granted while you are here on planet Earth, you are in a dense and seemingly “separated space,” but as you gain more and more understanding, you become increasingly awareness of the interconnectivity of all things – even in the 3rd dimension. This is because everything is energy. To this end, your energy is no “better” or “worse” than anyone else’s energy. That’s just silly. You have simply used said energy differently. The most important lesson (or memory recall) for you is showing up fully presence in every moment of your life and using your energy (thinking, saying and doing) to the very best of your ability!

So stop judging, comparing and envying….. and START USING YOUR ENERGY! When you get about engaging in your life purpose in the here and now, you won’t have time nor the desire for anyone else’s spiritual path but your own. The mental shift from wishing and hoping for “what is out there” to “I already have it in here” is crucial. Practice and understanding that your purpose is a beautifully integral part of the here and now. The more you embody your truth, and live your purpose the more fulfilled you will be. The Universe is infinitely abundant and capable of supplying yours and everyone else’s needs and wants at every point in time infinitely! Commit to that understanding, and I promise your life will be enriched with far more than money energy. When you show up in your own truly authentic self-expression, every one benefits! Remember, WE ARE ALL ONE.

Now it’s time to begin – take in a deep breath and smile. You got this!


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