Do you have a dream that you have repeatedly pushed to the back burner? Do you envision a different life for yourself? Are you ready to start feeling immense fulfillment and joy in every moment of every day for the rest of your life?

I hear similar sentiments in conversations so often, it prompted me to write today’s blog post. To a large degree, I feel humanity has been programmed so well that we have adopted the limitation of our current situation. Without question, your current situation will serve you in this iteration of your life, but is this as good as it gets?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your awareness of your current situation and desire for something different is your permission slip to create whatever you want!

Now before you get your personal belongs and hit the Send button on your resignation email, let’s examine some of the seemingly hard truths of creating the life you want.

  • You have to be willing to transform yourself. For instance, going into business for yourself is the sure fire way to create rapid and successive change in your own life. It doesn’t happen for you, you create it and you too are responsible for your reactions to the current of changes. The unsorted stuff within your being has to be sorted as you move forward. And what’s better is, once you sort through this stuff, you will have a blast creating your vision in the world. One of the most motivating factors is observing the parallel transformation in your own life and those of the lives you are serving. It’s nothing short of magnificent.
  • Fear is real, and there is no getting ride of it. As I’ve mentioned before, fear is the absence of adequate predictive information that is a simple but very truthful indicator you are doing something new. Its presence and your reaction to it, in time, can be re-shaped to the simple knowledge you are exactly were you want to be. In the presence of new and uncharted territory, we invite the Universe to meet us in kind and usher in bounty of abundance. It is the literal faith in self and the Universe that creates magical experiences!
  • We underestimate our importance and in kind of capabilities. You are the magnificent creator of your current reality. 100% responsible. But large due to programming, and often abdication of responsibility, we like to point our figure at others or at the Universe. No matter your current circumstance, you are in the driver’s seat of your life and have all the skills and tools necessary to accomplish your next step. As you take action towards your desires, you will acquire a unique set of skills, tools and wisdom necessary to make take the next stage – and on and on it goes.

Turn today into the day of new opportunities. Leave the pessimism in the past. Do something today that brings your dream closer!

I invite you to request a complimentary Illumination Session, in which you can share with me your current life situation and the dreams you have for your future. Together we can discuss which programs and/or services may assist you in your making your dreams a reality through personal transformation.

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