As we woke up this past Saturday morning, we made our way slowly (pre-coffee mind you) to the back sliding glass door to let the dogs out…


In disbelief, we discovered a pride of kittens that closely resembled our cat.

We had to halt the dogs that started going wild wanting to PLAY!

After redirecting the dogs to the front yard—a chore in and of itself—we just had to grab our camera to snap a few pics of these purr-fect new souls!

The kittens were a couple weeks old already, and boy was it fun watching in on them.

Want to know the surprising truth these kittens have reminded us again and again throughout the week…

It’s nice (in fact imperative!) to have each other.

Without question, we’ve witnessed these kittens get scrappy… jockeying for position at feeding time or in moments of competitive play. But we also saw a kitten-pile-of-cuteness sunning themselves in complete bliss.

Just like you and your family of choice, these kittens developed a quick and powerful bond with one another.

The difference is the kittens have an overriding instinctual understanding that their lives depend upon this bond.

How often have you been in a massively complicated situation and your first instinct is to push everyone close to you away? We all do it, and for various reasons including fear of what they may think, wanting to avoid the embarrassment the situation reveals or even wanting not to burden someone else with your problems.

When one of the kittens felt abandoned or threatened, all it took was a petite call for help, and instantly mom, brothers, and sisters appeared!

If you don’t allow those you’ve chosen as your inner circle to stand in your corner, you risk losing perspective that could quickly unshackle you from the pain of your current situation!

When you retreat and build a wall around yourself, you cement yourself into the energetics of the current situation. In these moments of challenge, your faith is often called into question. Your minds begin the endlessly searching down every rabbit hole of possibility.

In this vacuum of infinite questioning with decreased sense of clarity, unsure of your next best step you can feel like your out at sea sinking with no sight of a lighthouse.

Your inner circle is your lighthouse.

You first must remind yourselves, that your inner circle is there by choice. They came into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. If you push them away, they have no ability to help guide you to the shoreline of hope.

Your inner circle can be an impressive source of clarity with different points of view and perspective coupled with  a knowing and caring for you as a beautiful expression of the Divine. They won’t be able to fix all your problems, but they can support you as you traverse the rocky shoreline and regain your balance.

Express your gratitude! Tell those that are steadfast pillars of goodness in your life of a particular situation when their presence in your life was priceless.

And some day, while you’re peacefully gliding along, they may, in fact, need you to return the favor… be their beacon of hope.


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