While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I recently read a beautiful post by an admired soul friend about expectations.

An expectation, by definition, is a belief in someone or something and that it will or should achieve something.

When you and I establish expectations, we create a lens by which we view all future events. Not only that, but we are sending the universe a signal with a post-it note describing how we want something to manifest in our lives. We are essentially “shoulding” the universe.

Have you ever been in a conversation and someone says to you, “Well, what you should do is…” It usually doesn’t feel good. It is often a pretty rigid, inflexible perspective that winds up feeling like an ultimatum.

Without question, expectations are deeply ingrained in the modern consciousness. These expectations, whether it be our own or the collectives, establish a framework by which we navigate most if not all situations in our lives⏤education, work, relationships, money, etc.

We discover the short side of expectations when we attempt to enroll others in our vision. If they are eager to adopt our view, great. But more often than not, there is mediocre or temporary buy-in that wanes with time.

Furthermore, the use of our current perspective binds us to the limitations of the current vantage point. It doesn’t allow the limitless abundance available to each of us to bless in the most exciting and profound way.

So what about a different way of looking at something⏤a fresh perspective that incorporates efficiency, new perspectives or methods?

My recommendation is to re-vision your expectations into hopes⏤a laser-sharp clarity around “what” you desire and then invite the universe in partnership to conspire alongside you to create the best or better.

When you invite the limitless in, and acknowledge you may not yet see the complete vision for your highest and best, you have the extraordinary opportunity to watch the future unfold and look nothing like what you “expected” and yet remarkably delicious as well as full of joy and surprise.

You won’t be disappointed!

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