The School

The vision of the Spirit Empowerment School of Reiki Healing Energy is to heal the world from the inside out.

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have the capacity to understand and experience wholeness. Reiki energy healing is a key to unlocking this understanding and when applied will attune us and keep us aligned with this truth.

The study of Reiki healing instructs, inspires and empowers you to become the spiritual leader of your life through very practical strategies. These strategies when lived and practiced regularly quite literally create complete life transformation from the inside out.

All degrees of Reiki attunements are offered in private one-on-one as well as occasional group settings. If you don't see the course or workshop that you need, we invite you to request a free 30-minute Discovery Session so we can guide you on your individual Reiki learning path.

Also, there are regular free and low-investment learning opportunities and events. Please make sure you sign-up for our VIP community, so you know first-hand the opportunities available to you!

The Practice

Spirit Empowerment is a multifaceted healing arts practice which offers Reiki energy healing to private clients.

The Jeremys utilize their private practice as an extensive testing ground of new methods and techniques which they then incorporate into their learning curriculum.

The real life experience of the practice aids the Jeremys in the continuous enhancement of the classroom experience offering during the study of Reiki energy healing.

Client Testimonial

 Text Screenshot from Rich

The Jeremys

The co-founders of Spirit Empowerment shown above, Jeremy Crumb (left) & Jeremy Moser (right), are both Reiki Master Teachers of the Usui lineage and tradition.

Both Jeremys having been studying Reiki and all things metaphysical and spiritual their entire lives but formally since 2013.

The Jeremys are both Certified Holistic Manifestation Method™ Coaches.

If you're interested in learning more about The Jeremys and Spirit Empowerment, please visit

Student Testimonial

 Student Amees Wombough
"For many years I searched for a Reiki Master with whom I could continue my education in energetic healing. I met several, and considered a few, but it wasn't until I met the Jeremys that I knew I had found my teachers. It was their energy and integrity of work which attracted me to them, and I am so happy I made the decision to continue my education with them.

They not only teach Reiki and give powerful attunements, more importantly, but they also encourage their students to embrace and trust their personal intuition and guidance. The Jeremys provide continued support and education from the first attunements all the way through building a prosperous and fulfilling practice. I am grateful for their Presence in my life!"

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