6/9/2015 7:31am—I can remember back to last quarter 2013 when I had just finished studying my first course in Akashic Records with my teacher who also became my first business coach.

I was ON FIRE! I couldn’t get enough.

But I also knew nothing about being a direct one-on-one service provider. As I mentioned previous, my career until that summer had been as a mid-level manager in corporate America.

We were extraordinarily blessed with like-minded friends that kept the referral prime pumped and indeed launched Spirit Empowerment in a big way.

Over the course of time, however, the referral well became inconsistent. At times there was plenty and other times, it was non-existent. We didn’t learn until later, referral-only businesses are RARE.

So JC and I set out on our first adventure investing in a mentoring and coaching program with my teacher. This experience was mind-blowing!

In her words, “There is no faster way to immerse yourself in your spiritual journey than with entrepreneurship.”


Whether you’re going into business by yourself or in partnership with others, entrepreneurial activities bring you face-to-face with your limiting belief systems and allow you real-time experiences whereby you are again faced with a choice:
Lean into the experience and change them, OR
Resist them and continue the cycle

Remember, these limitations are self-imposed.

I can remember back to the experience of launching one of our programs, and how SURE we were it was going to be a SLAM DUNK.

We worked tirelessly for weeks on the material, and sent out email invitations and,…


We felt ashamed. Defeated. We were letting ourselves and everyone else around us down. We didn’t have any nor could we gain perspective on the matter.

We later discovered, with the help of our coaches, we needed to continue to tweak and adjust using the feedback loop of our clients.

The last thing any entrepreneur wants is to LAUNCH and here CRICKETS.

BUT at first, most entrepreneurs don’t have marketing copy wired into their brains, nor understand email opt-ins or the myriad of other ways we engage prospects in today’s world.

There are often many “failures” that come before one experiences success.

TWO things made all the difference for us.

We never stopped. We kept at it. We still keep at it. And now we’re holding space for you to jump into your dreams and stay the course.

We keep investing in ourselves. When we reach for our wallet to purchase something, we are exchanging dollars for something of value. When you discover YOU are the thing of most value EVER, you’ll investments will return exponential dividends and your life will change forever,…

Both JC and I have had a blast sharing with you journey we have been on over the past couple of years in this series of emails. In short, we wouldn’t have traded a second of it AND if given the opportunity to do it all over again WE WOULD jump in the deep end without a second of hesitation!

We’d like to invite you to join us for a 6-month experience in our Unlock the Wealth of Your Sacred Purpose Program where we will reveal to you the 7-Keys to Building a Thriving Holistic Business.

Because of the nature of this program, and the want to develop a tight knit group, we have intentionally limited the enrollment to 8 entrepreneurs at a time. We’ll help you take your business idea from concept to market in an environment that fosters collaboration and support from those in a similar space as yourself!

Unlock the Wealth of Your Sacred Purpose:
7-Keys to Building a Thriving Holistic Business

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