Are you feeling the urgent mental, emotional and physical energy of this year? We certainly are, and it’s quite palpable.
From a metaphysical perspective the reason we are experiencing this “yes, and now” energy has a strong correlation with the 9 universal year (all about integrity), the year of Red Fire Monkey (Chinese Astrology – having and being what you want) as well as the Aquarians new moon (February 8th, 2016 in which something new is being born). This intense energy further amplified by the 11 universal month of February ushering in lightening speed manifestation.
But what does that mean?
  • Intentions are key. Get crystal clear about what it is that you desire to manifest this year. You don’t have to know exactly how or have a fool-proof plan⏤watch out for the pitfall of trying to exact the how. Take the necessary time to look inside yourself and know what makes you happy and provides fulfillment.
  • Let go of what is no longer serving you. When you think about any given activity, if it feels constrictive it is likely not fulfilling. Conversely, if it seems expansive it probably is. Stop trying to be the Jack or Jill of all trades. Focus your efforts toward that which makes your heart sing and your soul dance!
  • Take action and stay focused. The universe responds to clear intentions that serve your highest good. The act of manifestation is a series of decisions based on your intentions. Honestly, for most of us (ourselves included), we have bright shiny object syndrome and get wrapped up in the newest fun thing. Create an atmosphere of accountability for yourself.
So keep yourself on track by taking the time to revisit and revision your intentions, let go of what doesn’t have the energy of “yes, and now” and take intentional action. Above all of this, accountability is paramount!
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