Since the late evening of Tuesday, November 8th, I’ve dealt with a gamut of emotions: shock, horror, sadness, defeat, rage, anger, powerlessness, hopelessness, disbelief and the list goes on and on.

The moments of that night are etched deep into the walls of my mind as the news stations began to report the election turning in a direction very few saw coming.

In complete transparency, I went into an even deeper depression than I was in previously (due to losses I’d experienced earlier in the year).

As a dear friend of mine recently described it, it felt like the campaign of psychological warfare had won.

The most bone-chilling revelation was what I thought to be true wasn’t.

The moral compass and general decency I graciously bestowed on some of my fellow citizens turned out not to be so.

I struggled with what was next in this seemingly endless pit that was void of light.

I tried dozens of things to move past it. Some didn’t work at all. Others seemed to work for a bit, but I found myself back in a seemingly dark hole with no refuge in sight.

One night while unable to sleep still in my pajamas from the day before, I decided to find something to stream on TV and BAM!

I saw the light. As I lay watching a series of empowering videos from amazing thought leaders and something switched inside me.

What I identified within myself was an overwhelming focus on the external reality dictated by the places I was focusing my energy. This reality amplified by the palpable undercurrent of fear and hopelessness in the collective consciousness.

I had simply gotten caught up. The deluge of media narrative and circus of propaganda and swept me off my feet.

At the advice of Deepak Chopra, I turned it all off.

I did the unconscionable, and deleted the Facebook app from my devices and stopped visiting the website. I stopped watching the news on TV.

This silence was soul-level piercing. It gave my mind, body, and spirit an extremely necessary reprieve.

In the silence, I discovered I had a need to respond. While not a bad thing, in and of itself, it had created a snowball that for me was spiraling downward at an accelerating pace.

The constant re-posting and sharing of the negative narrative had fueled the emotional negativity I was feeling.

Just like a recovering addict, I had to remove myself to a safe space so I could discover the core issues and spend time healing them.

The morning after the election, I got a desperate message from a dear friend of mine, and I replied, “This is check. Not checkmate.”

I knew this truth at a soul-level when I wrote it, but the density and magnitude of the mental and emotional interference had disrupted and distorted the signal. The truth had become unrecognizable.

I re-committed to a life long passion as a seeker of truth. I dove headfirst into projects with the intention of uncovering the unknown and dispelling my fears along with other negative emotions. I re-kindled my passions and channels of inspiration.

I re-minded myself why I AM alive.

I reminded myself I am here to broadcast a frequency of acceptance, love, oneness, peace and unity altering, elevating and expanding reality.

It is only from a place of centeredness that we can reclaim power. With our power intact, we can broadcast the signature of love that will manifest broad range changes and transform everything. It all starts from the inside and works out.

We have to stop seeking change and become it.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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