Late last week, I received a UPS package of product I had ordered. I heard the knock at the door and got a jolt of excitement recognizing what it was.

As I answered the door, the delivery man asked if the contents of the box was food. I explained it was not and then told him the contents of the package, and as I took hold of the box I understood the reason for his question.

Something inside had leaked out, and the cardboard on one side of the box was soaked! I signed for the package and returned inside.

After opening the box, I discovered the leaky culprit. I took several pictures so I could send them to the company I had placed the order with, if necessary. I washed off the other products and determined there wasn’t much residual damage.

I then called the company and told them about the shipping mishap and the member services representative responded, “I’m really sorry that happened, Mr. Moser. We’ll be happy to send you a replacement.”

I was delighted with the level of service provided and thanked the representative for their understanding and responsiveness and what she said next really got me thinking,…

“It’s not a problem at all, Mr. Moser.”

Her reply, while a common saying I hear often, revealed something about her mindset. The conversation that the two of us had just exchanged never indicated there was a ‘problem.’ I didn’t call in upset or fearful the company wouldn’t make the situation right. I didn’t demand anything.

Granted, this representative probably does deal with a lot of problems as one of her primary responsibilities for the company. She probably does get very upset, fearful and demanding customers calling in wanting her to jump over the moon, figuratively speaking.

This is likely where her ‘problem’ mindset entered the scene. It would have been just as easy for her to say, “I’m happy I can provide a solution to you, Mr. Moser” or simpler yet, “You’re quite welcome, Mr. Moser.”

That is when my attention turned inward. I thought for a moment how often I say those words and to whom. I use a slight variation of “No worries,” but I say it A LOT!

What about you? How often do you, because of your own stream of consciousness assume something?

We all do it, and I’m gonna tell you my opinion on why right now…

“What we focus on expands.” ~ T. Harv Eker

From an energetic standpoint, in the words of T. Harv Eker, “what we focus on expands.” In the case of the representative, the environment she has spent the majority of her time in created a ‘problem’ consciousness.

She hears about problems day in and day out, whether assumed or real and routinely helps provide solutions. The important point is her response—her language, the way she articulated herself—reinforced the problem and not the solution.

But what about the person hearing these words. If there was no perception of a problem, does it introduce one? Examining the possible receiver’s interpretation can help us to streamline what we’re saying and focus on the outcome we actually intend.

After a bit of contemplation, I discovered my focus was on my clients not having to ‘worry’ about anything in our interactions,… well because we all have enough to ‘worry’ about already, right?!?!??

This peek into my own thoughts reinforces the point. What I really want to create is an environment rich with opportunities for my clients to create transformation and experience fulfillment, but rather I was focused on them having nothing to ‘worry’ about.

“Energy flows where attention goes.” ~ Author Unknown

Over the next few days, listen to what you are saying. Be mindful of what your words are revealing about your mindset. As you observe your words, think about the consciousness that supports them. As the observer, you can make changes (most very subtle micro-shifts) and experience the immediate, positive impact in your life.

This exercise doesn’t just apply to ‘problem’ or ‘worry’ mindset. It also applies to doubt, self-worth, abundance, etc, etc.

Question: Do you feel overwhelmed by the whirlwind of thoughts swirling in your head? Are you having trouble focusing to even become the observer? And are you ready to commit and make the changes necessary to see the desired impact in your life?

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