This past weekend, my partner and I purchased new bikes. We had bikes a while ago and they disappeared out of our backyard shortly after moving into our current home. Because we didn’t think we had room in-doors to store new bikes, we didn’t re-invest right away.

Well, nearly seven years later we got a wild hair and bought bikes. It was a commitment to our on-going health, wellness and need for “play”. The interesting part about the purchase was I didn’t stop to consider any emotions regarding the experience of getting back on a bike after such a lapse in exposure.

At a subconscious and perhaps even a conscious level, I held a belief that riding a bike would come back to me. This agreement was strong enough that I didn’t even have to consider it. It just was.

What if your life experience is an act of remembering your Spirit Being nature similar to recalling the ability to ride a bike? If you are in fact a Spirit Being having a human experience, and have been traveling the etheric realm in one form or another for some time, you have innate awareness of yourself. The expression of human existence is quite possibly an action of recall in which we establish multidimensional connection as we have done in past expressions.

But many of us, myself included from time to time, allow the unknown to be a seemingly unbridgeable barrier. In truth, you are 100% responsible for our reality whatever it is. In order to experience the heights and depths of your fullest potential, you have to cross the barrier threshold with faith in the innate awareness of yourselves, as a Spirit Being. But faith alone doesn’t create results. In order to experience your desired outcome, you must take action – you have to get on your bike and participate in the ride of life. In so doing, assuredly you will acquire some bumps and bruises even perhaps a few epic falls. Each of these experiences will offer you an opportunity to continue to build your character. So I ask you this question: What characteristics do you want to be known by? And you know what the coolest part of the bumps, bruises and epic falls are? You have an opportunity to use this part of your story to aide your fellow sojourners.

So tell me this – are you ready to feel the breeze of life against your face as you pedal on continuing to expand your awareness and enlightenment? Regardless of your answer, the responsive Universe is infinitely abundant and holds space for you. But without a key ingredient the magic doesn’t happen. It isn’t automatic. What is that ingredient, you ask? Well, it’s YOU of course!

I leave you with the following quote to ponder until we connect again.

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.” ~ John Howard

You are invited to an online interactive workshop I am holding on Tuesday, April 15th called “Break Free from the Education Loop”. The intention for this webinar is to unburden metaphysical students from the feeling of “I’m not enough of an expert”  so they can step into their life purpose (get on their bike and start the next step in their journey, if you will) and experience themselves in their unique gifts and talents.

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