A few weeks ago we were in Connecticut, and decided to have an “epic” water fight at the request of our God children – Maia and Tyler.

After the required trip to Wal-Mart for supplies, everyone hurried to get their bathing suits on. We all naturally found ourselves a role to play in setup. Hoses crisscrossed the lawn, packages removed and water guns were armed with water as the excitement built.

I can’t quite totally recall who started the festivities ( …my partner JC – not to call anyone out… ), but it was always a shock to the next victim receiving the unexpected cool water in the summer heat. But once exposed, the need to retaliate was certain. Everyone laughed and frolicked and got soaking wet!

We eventually retired our battle ground water-soaking tactics for a playful yet relaxing dip in the pool. Some people ended up in the pool with all their clothes on – poor Liz. We floated and splashed and played for hours – until our cheek bones hurt from laughter.

Later that evening, some of the soldiers started complaining of tenderness to touch and being too hot. The day had left some with the dreaded overexposure of summer – a sunburn. Most had applied sunscreen, but the shear volume of water antics had left their skin overexposed. With its quick onset, it was assured to be pretty intense, requiring immediate action. After applying a home remedy – the pain subsided.

This situation had a lot to teach us about about spiritual unfoldment. We often commence our journey with great excitement and anticipation for what’s to come. Our zeal at the beginning is often unshakable. We want to learn everything – because it all feels so epic. We generally uncover our part to play in setting up our desired experiences and get about it rather quickly.

Then the shockers happen – we experience completely new things – some desired and others not so much. Our systems have to adjust, but then we usually course correct and eliminate much of the unwanted and focus on the enjoyable experiences. We ease into, or some times even plunge into deeper and deeper waters. The once felt apprehension hopefully subsides into blissful pleasure in the moment.

But even with all the feelings of joy, there is often a result of pain. It often catches us by surprise, and makes us tender and vulnerable. Our systems may experience overheating, and recoil to further exposure because of the pain sensations felt.

It is important to acknowledge these events for what they are. Often after blissful spiritual unfoldment and mountain top experiences, healing is necessary. The pain sensors indicate exactly what is ready to be healed – an individual truth for each one of us. When we embrace this and quickly move into actively healing, we can often release the pressure gage and experience greater feelings of wholeness. But this healing often requires on-going commitment to new action to achieve the desired results.

So here is my question for you – have you been walking around with a spiritual sunburn? Are there pieces of your spiritual journey that feel painful? Are you ready and able to take new action and create more wholeness in your life?

Start your healing now by sharing your journey – speak your truth – with the Spirit Empowerment family!

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