I flew to Colorado yesterday to surprise my younger brother as he graduates from high school. And even to my own surprise, he was actually surprised. With all the moving parts and family members involved, we actually pulled it off. Really pretty cool!

For most of us, when someone mentions high school, we immediately think about how old we are. I’m not exactly sure the reason for such a correlation. Age, at least in my mind, is just a number. The more important part of these memories is the journey we took and the growth we experienced.

Life is full of opportunities for us to experience life in new ways. With this in mind, I personally don’t think there is a ‘wrong’ decision to be made at any of life’s junctures. As a Divine Spirit Being, you are 100% responsible for you past, present and future. Every choice has a consequence. It is through this experience, we experience ourselves in new ways and aide in the collective expansion of the universe.

Remember back to your journey through school towards graduation. It will likely conjure memories of varying emotions. Happy. Sad. Accomplishment. Fear. Uncertainty. Joy. Peer pressure. Etc. And now for a moment, return fully to the present moment and consider your journey from those emotions to now. Notice the progression of yourself from this state near graduation in your late teens to now. The journey is never ending. You overcame. You fulfilled. You refined. You lived.

As I look back at my own journey, I see a winding road. Many paths with tons and tons of amazing experiences. I’m acutely aware that hindsight is 20/20. With complete sincerity, I wouldn’t change a second of it. Nope not a single one. Because this culmination of experience has created the very person I am today typing this blog entry. The past is the past. I think we all know logically, we can’t change it. But we still try even if just in mental exercise to escape it for one reason or another. But what if, going forward, we simply held our past in the sacred space of “it is what it is.” For me, this realization was a real and tangible gift of grace. It freed me from the chains that with high probability bound me to relive the past over and over. It allowed me to re-center myself in the present of now. And what a delicious, gorgeous and outrageous gift every moment we experience life in the now is.

So in your own evolutionary progression as a Spirit Being, gift yourself the ability to let the past influence you only to the extent it shaped the person you have become, but know in truth the living is in each present moment.

Yesterday, my younger brother described his happiness to be finally finished with his high school experience. His comments made me think. I replied, “Don’t seek the next experience too quickly. At some point, you will likely look back at this experience with a desire to return there for one reason or another.”

So the question to each of us, myself included, is what will we create and experience today to live fully and vibrantly in each moment? I can think of no better life, than the one that is lived. Namaste.

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