Do you ever catch yourself saying to yourself, “It doesn’t matter what I try, I’ll never get ahead.” Or “Despite my good intentions, I can’t do anything right!

I totally feel you. I lived in these energies in various periods of my life too.

In fact, this morning I went to get a cup of coffee. I popped the K-cup in the machine and waited for the water to heat up. The blue light lit up, so I eagerly pressed the lever closed and pushed the jumbo cup button…

But I forgot to put the cup under the spout. Ooops!

As I finished brushing my teeth and planned to clean-up the mess, I was reminded of a couple of important components to manifestation.

You’ve gotta have faith! Think of faith as the coffee cup, which today I forgot to put under the spout. See God/Source is (always has been and will always be) conspiring for your next BIG success story. But what are we often doing — forgetting to put our faith container in front of that outpouring to receive said blessing.

Most of the time, you are so focused on the what you don’t have, that you can’t even gain perspective of what you do have let alone what is possible. God/Source is always holding space for your best or better, but as a Divine Being and free will agent, your intentions (faith) set the stage of life as it is.

Stinking thinking will leave you depleted without vision of the container to hold what you truly want. When we have no vision for the container, we lack the essence of faith — the inner knowing that it’s already on its way!

Let George Michael’s song be an on-going reminder,… “You’ve gotta to have faith!

Sometimes you just have to tear off the rear view mirror! Far too often, we set ourselves up for failure and let down because we are judging our experiences based on someone else’s expectations of us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine that others have expectations of you, and you do need to be aware of the impact your life has on others , but…

Far too often though, these supposed “expectations” are actually assumptions you’ve created in your own mind. You’ve had an entire conversation, albeit with yourself, and are now living out your life trying to please people in ways that can actually be self-sabotage and entirely misguided.

I find past experiences often the culprit in this game. Your memories want to “help” you predictively navigate the future based on what you’ve already done. But, remember you can’t create a solution with the same thinking that caused the problem (Albert Einstein).

Some times you just have to follow Jo Dee Messina’s lyrics, and “put your lead foot down on your accelerator and the rear view mirror torn off,…never looking back.


So as you navigate the next week of your life, remember to have faith that the best or better is already on its way and that your past experiences don’t have a copyright on your future.


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