Believe it or not, I caused the Spirit Empowerment website to crash and burn last Thursday. I was doing routine maintenance and discovered the website had some stuff I thought would be as easy as a click of a button to get rid of. So naturally, I CLICKED THE BUTTON! As is routine after I perform any maintenance, I make sure the website is still working and I can vividly remember the disbelief in what I saw. The website was still there, but it was totally discombobulated. I fussed with it for a short while and finally had to make the decision that a clean break with a new beginning was the most efficient use of my time.

I can remember back to events similar in nature occurring a year ago and how drastically different my reaction would have been. I assuredly would have blamed someone or something. I would have ranted and told half a dozen people with a few expletives I’m sure. There was no doubt I was frustrated, but recognized how I quickly shifted my focus to what I could do. What was done was done. I couldn’t affect the past and so I had to find a course to move forward.

With an adequate amount of time and research, I certainly could have brought the website back to life. But to be honest, I had been contemplating a clean sweep of my website anyhow. As I developed it I had installed and tested a variety of plugins and so for, many of which I decided not to use. The space the website was occupying on my server was noticeable and growing. What a difference a year can make! For that matter a moment can make.

See, the way we approach life is all about our perspective. We have buy-in to the lens by which we view the world. In truth, we create it. We decide how we want to view the experiences of life as they unfold. If we are completely honest with ourselves, we all probably have baggage we have been accumulated over time that we just don’t know what to do with, or we know what to do with it we just don’t want to. I believe as we create our reality, we are often offers a clean sweep opportunity. Perhaps its time for you to release the un-serving stuff you have been carting around.

Another drastic difference I notice now versus past experience, is the unimportance of perfectionism. I discovered that my constant desire to have everything just so was actually an energy drain attached to my approval addiction. As I detached from the importance I placed on the opinion of others and focused on my own opinion and equally important my relationship with Source, the yearning of perfection has drastically faded into the sunsets of each passing day.

Our old stuff has its function in our life ecosystem. It is only when we have an opportunity to view this ecosystem from a different vantage point that we can create the fresh start that is for many of us long over due.

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