While on a plane returning from seminary in Virginia, Spirit spoke to me through a series of songs played through my iPad. I believe Spirit can and will use anything as a medium to speak to us if we are attuned and receptive.

After drying my eyes of the tears of release, I was completely filled with an incredible sense of joy and love sitting in the window seat of an airplane. It moved me so much that I have continued to play this song again and again over the past several weeks. Then just yesterday, while in a coaching call with my brilliant business coach, I heard the words again.

“The materialization of your gifts will come as
easy as breathing in and breathing out.”

The song lyrics combined with the words of my coach reinforced the sincere message Spirit was sending me and I believe all of humanity.

We sit on planet Earth orbiting through space in a rhythm and harmony that is mind blowing if you think about it. The seasons. The diversity of live. Air. Water. Fire. And on and on… Perhaps a juice meditation to navigate into over the next couple of days focusing your understanding of purposeful interconnectedness of all that is.

I have found myself as of late consistently feeling abundance. In years gone bye, I might have felt somehow apologetic for this abundance. Today, I hold a different truth – we are equally capable and responsible to access the infinite abundance.

As I step further towards my own dreams, I find I step further into a flow – indeed the same rhythm and harmony of energies that animates all that is – I call it the Divine Flow. Co-creating my life seems rather effortless, albeit I am still taking action and manifesting. Most notably it simply doesn’t feel laborious and stressful like my experience in the corporate world. And this freedom can be yours if you will only raise your hand!

Today can be the marker of a new beginning in your life pursuit of fulfillment and joy,… and rest assured, from my personal experience I can say, it will be nothing short of extraordinary! If you have been contemplating your spiritual gifts and offering these to humanity more frequently lately, it is without question purposeful. It is time – time to own your brilliance, invest in your development and unfoldment and in turn experience your manifesting capability with true understanding of yourself – Soul and Spirit. Today is your day – be empowered!

Don’t make it harder than it truly is. Simply set your intention. Announce to Universal Source that you want to be a vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle of humanity. Reaffirm your openness to not only give, but also to receive. Maintain a regular meditation practice and focus your energies towards what you want to create. It will take time, so be patient. Keep breathing in and breathing out. And so it is. Namaste, friend!

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  • You are so awesome! I don’t believe I’ve truly read anything like that before.
    So nice to find another person with some original thoughts on this subject matter.

    Really.. thank you for starting this up. This web site is one thing that’s needed on the web,
    someone with some originality!

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