A few years back, I had an amazing mentor who was masterful at helping me live my current truth and live in the now.

If I was worried about a fast approaching deadline that might not be met, his respond would generally, “Well, it’s OK.”

If I was struggling with a new concept discovered along my spiritual journey, he would assure me with, “Well, it’s OK.”

His words didn’t change my situation, rather my perception of it.

Thinking back through life, most of us can see many moments when we were faced with uncertainty and this simple two letter word, “OK” had a profound impact.

For instance, remember when you were learning to ride a bike and would inevitably fall down. A loved one rushing to help you up, offered words of assurance to you. “You’re OK.”

I’ve often found myself, in the shear messiness of life especially after reality didn’t measure up to my expectation, realizing “Well, it’s OK.”

The original form of our current shorthand “OK” is actually “all correct.” Now that’s truly profound!


Well first, it is often your expectations that result in the many forms of manifested pain. You attach yourself to a particular desired outcome, and put blinders on to all the other wonderful possibilities within the infinite universe.

Second, in the purposefully unfoldment of the universe, even when you have no clue how your current circumstance could be serving your highest path and purpose, it is!

Here are several things to keep top of mind.

  • You live in a universe, governed by natural physical and spiritual laws. As hard as one may try, these laws are inescapable. No one can press pause, to chill for a bit. Nor can we bend them to our advantage when times get rough or super awesome.
  • We are always responsible for the choices and consequences. Without question, accepting you are here now for a reason and a purpose can be extraordinarily liberating.
  • While you (along with everyone else) are powerless to change the actual events of the past, you absolutely can change how you perceive it. Allow the windy road that lead you to this moment, to be the energy of opportunity you mold and create your dreams from.
  • You are only responsible for yourself. The essence of you—your gifts, your talents even the faults or weakness—are to serve your spiritual journey first and foremost.
  • Dreams and goals are important, but don’t force the creative hand of the universe towards one expected outcome, when the best or better many come in a different package.

These shifts stops the endless desire to travel backwards in time and allow you to focus on the infinite opportunity in this moment—the present.

It’s time to tell yourself, “Well, it’s OK”, it’s “all correct.”

Feel the tension release in your neck from straining to constantly look over your shoulder at the past?

Now truly relax, taking in the beautiful creative palette of this present moment.

The world is your oyster!


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