#TheJeremys of Spirit Empowerment

The Jeremys are powerhouse intuitives, cathartic healers, certified holistic manifestation™ coaches as well as life partners who are committed to helping conscious, spiritual seekers—people just like you—get the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to create both your dream life and business on purpose.

Jeremy Crumb

Jeremy Crumb (JC)

JC is a holistic life coach, Reiki Master teacher, and psychic medium.

At a young age, JC would spend time playing with his angels and “invisible” friends. Over time, he grew to understand and use his gifts to help people communicate with their loved ones, guides, and angels in Spirit.

JC also experienced the trauma of sexual and physical abuse and the journey through addiction; he uses his experience with healing to help compassionately guide others through their journey.

As a holistic coach, JC uses his gifts to ignite the passion and drive needed for a conscious shift in his client’s mind, body, and spirit so they can create the life they want to live and find true joy and peace.

Jeremy Moser

Jeremy Moser (JM)

JM is an Akashic medium, holistic manifestation coach, healer, and teacher.

As a young child, JM would often just “know things.” Through his teens and twenties, as his spirituality took different expressions, his gift continued to develop quietly.

After leaving the corporate world for a more authentic life experience, he was able to acknowledge his talents and rapidly come out of the psychic closet.

JM accesses the Akashic Records to channel relevant and practical spiritual wisdom and connect you with your loved ones, guides, and angels in Spirit.

Together, you and I will break through whatever is holding you back from your highest path and purpose, revealing new levels of your Divine self-awareness so you can create more abundance and joy!

Empower Your Spirit, Receive Life-Altering Healing & Experience On-going Fulfillment

Together, the Jeremys will help empower you to create your reality, embody transformational healing, create bountiful abundance, experience overflowing joy, and enduring fulfillment.