While engaging in my normal Monday morning activities, I happened to hear the well known song “A Spoonful of Sugar” from the popular movie Mary Poppins.

I’m not sure I’ve ever stopped to truly listen to the lyrics of this magnificent song, but today it was the key in unlocking yet another layer of truth in my journey and I want to share.

Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving synchronized messages from Spirit through various channels with the underlying theme of “please enjoy the ride.” I received a message from Spirit while on a radio show receiving a reading from a beautiful friend two Thursday’s ago, and it was again by no accident that while away at a retreat two weekends ago, I receiving two additional messages affirming my chosen pathway and again urging me to “experience the bliss & joy of the journey.”

Part of the human condition is to focus on the next step which invariably represents “the plan” we have masterfully crafted. Having left a corporate job of nearly 12 years with a vision for entrepreneurship, I’m no stranger to this disposition. In fact, I brought this need for actionable steps that formulated into a clear plan along with me. However, I have discovered through trial and error, that Spirit likes to work less through plans and much more so through inspiration.

I believe our craving for well-made plans is our ego starved for confirmation. Most of us are still uncertain of our own individual path & purpose, and lack the sincere faith it takes to wholeheartedly believe in ourselves. So overwhelmed with the feelings of helplessness and uncertainty, we craft what appears to be a masterful plan – with all the deliverables and action items that for the time being feed our ego’s appetite. One important distinction to recognize is these plans are laid within the confines of your current emotional and mental awareness and likely have little to do with your potentiality. While these plans are seemingly harmless, we often reach our prescribed deadline and have little or no results to show. Consequently, we blame others or ourselves and harm-less quickly transforms to harm-ful. The reason for this is because we are creating our own prescription and not really remedying the issue at its root.

In order to operate in Spirit, do you have to have blind trust? Yes and no. In my experience, most of us know what the next step in our journey is. We often don’t know it to be a “step” because it looks quite contrary. Most of us are stuck here because we have an idea of what we need to do but we try to measure its potential for success with our logical mind rather than our Spirit. In truth, if we want the extraordinary experience then we must accept that we have to take out-of-the ordinary acti-ON! We must step beyond the four-corners of our current reality and act on the extraordinary experience we know we want to create. It is only then that the responsive Universe can co-create the manifestation of our desires! Regardless of our ability to see our own potentiality, faith-in-action makes anything possible and moreover probable. You must trust in your abilities as a magnificent Spirit Being!

Life is a journey, not a destination. ~ Unknown

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